Your property means everythinng to us

Everythinng is a comprehensive solutions company specialized in outsourcing operations for clients in the tourism, corporate and living sectors. We work with operators, investors and owners who trust in us to get their apartments, buildings, offices and multi-living spaces ready to rent.

Everythinng aspires to be operational partner of the market leaders

Everythinng aspires to be operational partner of the market leaders


We are fully committed with excellence. We are focused in our job, we are demanding and we work to exceed the service standards and the expectations of our clients.


We conduct relationships with our teams, clients and suppliers in an ethical, professional and transparent way. We take responsibility for our actions and honor our commitments.


We are flexible, professional and  good at solving problems. We are motivated by challenges and looking for solutions that allow our clients to focus on their core business while we take care of the rest of it.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility

At Everythinng we are committed to the sustainable and responsible development of our activity

We are aware of the impact that organizations have on society, on the environment and so, our commitment translates into ethical, professional and responsible behavior.


Our policies facilitate job placement, ensure equal opportunities and allow a balance between productivity goals and the necessary rest and family reconciliation. We create safe and healthy environments for our employees and promote the personal and professional development of each member of the workforce through training and promotion programs.


We use state-of-the-art products to minimize the impact on our environment and we make a responsible use of water and energy. We manage the waste from our activity and its recycling and carry out short-haul transport with bicycles and / or electric vehicles so as not to pollute.


We are guided by the sustainable and responsible growth of our activity, ensuring the solvency of the company and the profitability of our long-term operations.

Why Everythinng?

Why Everythinng?

Our value proposition allows our clients to outsource the operations of their properties while concentrating on the most strategic aspects of their business.

Everythinng’s know-how and experience provides management quality with a variable cost System

We provide our services with leading companies in their respective sectors (laundry, transportation and logistics, cleaning products, amenities, equipment and kitchenware, etc.) that we integrate to respond to the service needs of our customers.

We invest in people and material resources and we have a coordination team that plans, organizes and directs the service, as well as a supervision system that ensures the quality and control of the work carried out.

We are committed to technology and make our management software and our quality and operations protocols available to our clients. We integrate technologically with your applications to provide a fast, efficient and real-time service.



Everythinng offers a wide range of services for those clients who need to outsource their operations to a trusted partner.

We manage the apartments from operators, both tourist and corporate in both short and medium stays, luxury hotels, co-living rooms and residences in the higher end of the market. We help our clients to set the required services and advice them on prices.

We perform conventional cleaning and disinfection services in buildings, communities, corporate offices, venues and sports clubs. We manage on behalf of our clients the rest of the specific interventions that their facilities require.

We include in our services the management of the client’s bed and bath linen. We work with suppliers nationwide that provide renting and / or purchase and washing services of lingerie of different qualities. We take care of everything: from the order or purchase, to reception, storage, distribution, inventories, management of rejections as well as the administrative circuit of delivery notes, invoices and payments.

We provide corrective and preventive maintenance services, repairing and fine-tuning our clients’ facilities in relation to electricity, masonry, plumbing, locksmithing, painting, electrical appliances, heating and air conditioning, etc … and we provide a control and reporting system for incidents.

We manage the purchase, reception, picking and distribution of bed and bath linen, amenities and the rest of the products necessary for the cleaning and preparation of the properties and facilities of our clients. We have our own or third-party warehouses and leading companies in last-mile logistics that use bicycles and / or electric vehicles to transport the items.

We manage and coordinate on behalf of our clients the purchases and replacement of furniture, kitchenware, amenities, etc. We deal with specialized contracts for the maintenance of boilers, elevators and telecommunications, swimming pools, deratization and disinsection, etc… as well as dry cleaning services, upholstery, glassware, fireplaces, work at height, etc.

We visit, inspect and prepare reports on the situation and state of conservation of the client’s properties. Based on the quality standards of the operator, we carry out an exhaustive review of all the precise elements, identify the incidents and propose the plan of improvements and interventions necessary for the adaptation of the property and improvement of the services.

We carry out direct searches for middle managers in the area of ​​operations, commercial and sales, reception, etc. We provide our clients with an extensive database of candidates to cover their needs for specialized operational personnel.

We love facing challenges and solving problems. We design tailor-made solutions for clients who need to solve complex situations such as the integration of new businesses and their staff, the comprehensive set-up of properties, negotiation of contracts with suppliers, search for investors or operators, etc…

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